i somehow forgot to post these whoopsies. 

okay so more doodles of that florist dirk and a tattoo artist jake au but well, mostly just jakey doing his work. roxy is totes getting a wizard tattoo 

kitbiersack said: Im just curious, but why do you have issues about you heigh? I would love to be high (Im about 171 cm, very normal I think), and I love to be friends with high people. Would you like to be shorter? And why?

I’m 183 cm or 6ft so I’m rather tall (I’m kinda all leg xD).
I have issues purely because people have commented on my height throughout my life so I have mixed feelings on it.
I remember having the worst first impression of someone since the first thing they said to me was “HOLY FUCK YOU’RE TALL” ….. plus people have told me I’m too tall to cosplay some people (Which is utter bs).
Also the majority of my friends are shorter than me so that kinda doesn’t help that I look down to the majority of them.

But no, I wouldn’t want to be shorter, I like and dislike my height, and since I am what I am I don’t want to change it  :)








you have GOT to stop telling him to do that


A Year in Japan - Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival (28th September)

Whilst studying hard, I went to a Japanese Pop culture festival called Moshi Moshi Nippon!
I went with some of the friends I’ve made so far whilst being here!

Introducing :- Nicole, Issie, Chantelle (obviously), Matt, Martin, Isaac, Ray, Maria, Hiroyuki, Jaine, Hunter, and Sorcha.

Anonymous said: Would you ever try out a long distance relationship if it consisted with a lot of texting, calling, skyping and such? And would you ever be in a long distance relationship with someone from a different country?

Usually I’m against LDR’s purely because I’m a very physical person, meaning I like to be able to be around the person I’m in a relationship with and idk I guess I like hugging (so physical in that sense). Also I kinda have bad trust issues (due to past relationships) so as of late I haven’t ever seen myself in an LDR. 

But I’ve been considering it more and more lately, as I’ve seen a lot of relationships like that working, and maybe if I had regulator contact it wouldn’t be so bad? 

So no I’m not against it, but I suppose I’d have to REALLY like them and then maybe I would consider it :)



okay I paid for all of those you nerd

Anonymous said: I think u be a really cute kankei (I think I spelled it right) /)//////(\

Do you mean Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul? Hahah Thank you but I’m actually planning on cosplaying this sexy devil 

speed-greaser said: Once you get this, you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly, then send this to 10 of your favourite followers!

Greaser! why you do this to me ;A: I never do chain mails o(>.<)o but I’m honoured to be one of you’re favourites (>^^)>

Okay lets get this over with, I’m so shit with these

1. My hair, Its kinda the thing I’m most proud of I guess

2.  How confident I’m becoming in myself, I’m no longer afraid to be myself around people

3. I’m a good listener, I kinda pride myself in my ability to always be there for my friends no matter what. I hate seeing people upset so I like to be the one to put a smile of there faces.

4. My eyes are kinda cool, they have 3 different colours in them so I think that pretty unique?

5.I like my body type sometimes? Though I still have issues with my height -__- (Does that count?)