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Total crush alert! What you look like when you sleep?(:

Like any other person? Eyes shut, Hair in a mess and my arms and legs in some weird ass position

TrueCross go to Portmerion (Wales)

I thought you guys would wanna see what my cosplay group and me got up to for the week we were away ;D

Check out the photos we took @ Truecross


erm….. I watched Lilo & Stitch….



the recession hit aoba p hard


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#i love him

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tsukis: Uta or Kaneki? and a tiny bit of kaneki…

"I can live neither with you, nor without you."
Martial, Epigrams XII, 47 (his neck tattoo)

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So, I decided to attempt drawing one of my favourite cosplayers, Kiryuu! Otherwise known as dinglytitanstuck.

Rough line-work and shading.
So much to fix up (ー ー;)
I don’t exactly know how hands work though…

Oh wow thank you! I always feel honoured when people want to draw me >//< <3